Not Enough College Counselors for Students

College was the most stressful time of my life. With classes, extra curriculars, studying and a part-time job, I was in a constant state of stress. Though I was able to manage my stress levels with breathing techniques and exercise, I often wonder if I would have sought help if I couldn’t cope with my new-found anxiety.
Even if I decided to get help, I wouldn’t necessarily know how to find it. I went to a small, private school, and if there was a counselor specializing in mental health on campus, I most certainly didn’t know about it.
Students’ mental health needs are growing and there are not enough counselors to keep up with the increase, according to one survey. For every 1,600 students, there is only on counselor to help, the American College Counseling Association recently reported.

The report also found that even though there are more students with psychological issues, few of them sought help. Of the 133 college suicides, reported by surveyed campuses, only 13 percent reached out for help. This survey raises some serious questions: Did the other 87 percent not know about the provided counseling services, or were they just non-existent? Perhaps students feel that schools provide inadequate counseling and are too embarrassed to seek help elsewhere.
At a time of increased mental issues on college campuses across the U.S., I can’t help but think there should be more counselors to compensate for the growth. Additionally, I think that counselors should be more proactive, and keep an eye out for students who are showing clear symptoms of depression and anxiety. What do you think? If you needed help on campus would you know where to find it, and if so would you feel comfortable enough to go?
Via College News