Obama Announces Change the Equation

In a White House press event this afternoon, President Obama announced an expansion to the Educate to Innovate program. The new initiative is called “Change the Equation” and will bring together 100 CEOs of major companies to help build better science, engineering, technology and math programs in the highest need communities. The initiative will encourage private partnerships with public school programs.
Introductory remarks were given by Ursula Burns, the CEO of Xerox and one of the leaders of the initiative. The President pointed out that companies participating in Change the Equation will not only be able to give back to their nation, but will also benefit in the long-term from improvement in science education, which aims to produce more engineers, scientists, and innovators. To illustrate the kind of programs Change the Equation envisions, he discussed a group of high school students who worked together to build a fuel-efficient car.
Obama also discussed how the education of American children has far reaching consequences for the country, in areas of health, security, environment and economy. He pointed out that in the areas of math and science, the United States has been outpaced by its competitors, and that the only way for the nation to compete in the global economy is via innovation. By providing students with a world-class education, “we will move from the middle to the top of the pack.”
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