Obama Hosts first ever White House Community College Summit

On Tuesday, October 5th, President Obama and Dr. Jill Biden kicked off the first ever White House Community College Summit. Obama previously announced that he wants to make community colleges a top educational priority, as part of his effort to encourage more Americans to complete their college degrees.
Dr. Jill Biden is the chair of the event, which emphasized how lower cost colleges can develop America’s workforce and strengthen the economy. “These are places where young people can continue their education without taking on a lot of debt,” the President said. “These are places were people can gain new skills to move up in their careers. These are places where anyone with a desire to learn and to grow can take a chance on a brighter future for themselves whether that’s a single mom or a returning soldier, or an aspiring entrepreneur.”
The event drew about 150 leaders in education and business. Many others came forward to share their inspirational stories about the community college educations that they received, from Billy Crystal to students enrolled in community college classes. Although no major policy changes were introduced, there was great enthusiasm for collaboration between high schools and community colleges to better prepare students for higher education and reduce the number of students who need remedial classes upon entering college.
Via and West Wing Week.
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