Ohio to Start Grading University Teaching Programs

Teachers who go to school in Ohio will now be graded to reflect how well their college education has prepared them for their job. The state of Ohio has adopted a report card system that will go into effect in 2011 that grades teaching programs at private and public universities. This type of grading system will judge how well students perform after college.
There are a total of 14 standards that will be used to analyze a college’s performance through the teachers they produce. Some of the included criteria for evaluation include how well the university places teachers in hard to staff schools, how a graduate scores on the state’s new teacher performance assessment and how much students learn in a teacher’s class in one year.
Overall, this grading system has been accepted by both private and public university groups. The effort to increase accountability will offer room for improvement and produce more teachers who are equipped to do their job. Some data received from this grading system will be available immediately, but a full report on the findings will not be available until the end of 2012.

Prior to this report card system being adopted, most schools followed up with their graduates but had no formal way to track their progress. With the spotlight on education right now, it’s possible that other states would adopt similar policies. This system is in place to give taxpayers and parents more confidence in the education their children are receiving. It also serves as a great safeguard for teachers being educated in the state of Ohio. With this type of requirement, you can be sure that university programs make improvements to their teaching programs to score better and attract more students which gives you the best possible teaching education.
Via Record Pub