Oklahoma City Public Schools Vote Unanimously for a Year-Round Calendar

Many people are aware of the phenomenon that affects thousands of students every summer: summer brain drain. Basically, during the three months of summer break, many students regress in their academics. They forget what they learned the past year and, as a result, have to spend the first few weeks of each school year relearning what they should already know.
On December 13, the Oklahoma City School Board voted unanimously to actively fight summer brain drain by instituting a year-round educational calendar. This new calendar will eliminate the three things that most students love about school: June, July, and August vacations.
Many students who hear that their summer break will not exist fear that they will be spending more time in the classroom. However, according to a press release, this new calendar will not require students to spend more days in school. It will simply divide summer break and split those days between other breaks, such as winter break and spring break.

“This plan moves the district to a seamless educational calendar that will have a positive effect on student growth and achievement,” said Karl Springer, Oklahoma City Public Schools Superintendent.
Sixty-nine schools will have new academic calendars when this change takes place. There were already seven sites in the district that were already on the year-round academic calendar.