Olympian Spotlight on Graham Watanabe

Olympic athlete Graham Watanabe
Name: Graham Watanabe
Competition: Snowboarding
Age: 27
Hometown: Hailey, Idaho
School/University: Westminister College
Major: Business

How does Graham Watanabe train: Graham spends, on average, five days a week training for his sport. Graham spends most days on the slopes, practicing his moves. To keep in top physical shape, he rides a stationary bike, does lunges, and runs uphill on a giant treadmill.
How they manage it all: Graham receives intense support from his family. His father and brother introduced him to the sport when he was young, and it has remained a family sport ever since.
When describing his father, Graham says, “My dad’s my hero because he’s achieved great successes. He maintains a healthy lifestyle that balances working hard and playing hard. He’s also loved and respected by all who have met him because of his genuine, pleasant nature.”
Fun Fact: Graham’s favorite restaurant is Chuck E. Cheese, showing he is really a fun-loving guy at heart. He is also a Facebook fan, and updates his fan page regularly.
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