P90X is Perfect Fitness Program for College Students

One thing you hear from a lot of people that are trying to lose weight or get back into shape is that they want to get back to their high school weight. The main reason for that is that most people were at their best weight in high school. If you were at all involved in sports, high school might have been when you were in your prime. Many people who play sports in high school are involved in several sports and always training, practicing or working out- without even noticing.
In college, this is often not the case. College students have a lot more academic responsibility and often don’t workout if they are not involved in sports. Like every other aspect of college, you are left on your own to get moving. Those that don’t get some sort of activity usually start gaining weight. Even if you don’t gain weight, it is easy to let yourself go when you’re studying, working on big projects, partying and trying to make it to class.
For those college students that want to get their high school bodies back or just get into shape, P90X may be the program for you. P90X is a 90-day, extreme workout program that is available on DVD that you do in your home. For most college students, these workouts can be done in a dorm room with only a TV, DVD player, hand weights and a pull up bar. You do strength training, cardio and plyometric workouts, all in only a few feet of space.
The program is 90 days long, and includes an intense regimen designed to transform your body into a ripped powerhouse. P90X uses a technique called muscle confusion to keep your body constantly responding by doing new routines. Your muscles don’t have a chance to get used to the moves you’re doing, which contributes to the great results you will receive. This DVD system is good for both men and women at any fitness level because you can choose to get lean or bulk up. The workouts are intense and if you stick with the program for all 90 days, chances are you’ll blow past your high school physique into a great body you won’t even recognize.
The P90X program can be somewhat expensive by a college student’s standards, but you could find some friends to split the cost with and do the program together. The DVDs are also great individual workouts you can do over and over which makes the program a good investment.
P90X is a tough workout to get through, but you will find that you’re pleased with the results when you come to the end of your 90 days. Instead of allowing weight to creep on while you study for an education, take charge and get ripped with P90X.