Parents' Education Influences That of Children

A recent study conducted in Salt Lake City showed that the level of education a parent has is directly related to how much education the children will likely have.
The study compared high school rankings with parents’ education levels. The highest ranked high schools were in census areas where parents had at least some college education and the lowest ranked high schools were in census areas where parents did not have any college education. The study found there was a very strong correlation between the levels of education that a parent and child have.
In fact, State Education Superintendent Larry Shumway said he expected some correlation but “was surprised to see… almost perfect correlation.”
This means that parents who have attended college usually encourage their children to attend college. The opposite is also true; parents who did not attend college do not usually encourage their children to do so.
“It says parental attitudes are every bit as crucial as we’ve always known they are,” Shumway said. “That most important thing we’ve learned from this is that parental influence has an enormous affect [on the level of education their children will attain].”
Shumway also clarified that he does not believe that only parents with a college degree support higher education, but that these parents are more likely to do so than those with only a high school education.
Via KSL News