Pauly D's Education Background

Paul DelVecchio, AKA Pauly D, is a member of the hit reality television show Jersey Shore. Like the other cast members, Pauly D is an Italian American. He is one of the best-known DJs in Rhode Island. EDUinReview will now take a look at the education background of this reality television star.
Pauly D grew up in Johnston, Rhode Island and attended high school at Johnston High School. He then began to pursue his career as a DJ. His life before Jersey Shore is actually being transformed into another television show. Pauly D says his new show will focus on “what I was doing before the Shore, into my life after the Shore, my DJing career and my entourage and all of the antics that come along with it,” according to The Examiner.
Pauly D is just a little obsessed with his looks. He does his hair twice a day and orders hair gel by the case. In order to keep his skin glowing, he has a tanning bed in his home. He is also a complete clean-freak and likes to keep his living-quarters tidy.

Jersey Shore is currently in it’s third season. Next season, MTV plans on taking Pauly D and the others to Italy. Pauly D is excited to get to know the Italian women:
“I heard they’re hot…They might even be the type to take home to your mother. I could find The One out there…you never know.”
I guess we will just have to wait and see what happens next season!
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