People You Should and Should Not Friend on Facebook

The world of technology and social networking has made it much easier to keep in touch with people. You can reconnect with friends from high school, former coworkers and people you currently associate with through popular sites like Facebook. Facebook has also been known to get some people into trouble. Having access to a network that allows you to tell the world what you’re doing, what’s on your mind and what your interests are seems like a dream come true. However, things can quickly get out of hand depending on who you have on your friends list. Take the time to think through who you want to be on this elite list, because these people will have access to your innermost thoughts, photos you post and anything you type as a status.
Below is a list of people you should accept or pass on when you receiving a friends request. Careful consideration now could save you a lot of embarrassment later.

  • Parents – Accept: Having your parents as friends is a great way to show them they can trust you. If you are away at college, it will also allow them to feel like they are part of your journey. They can look at the photos you post and hear about how your studies are going through your statuses. For those who are doing more partying than studying, this friend request may bring some opportunities for you to explain yourself.
  • Boss – Pass: Having your boss as a friend on Facebook can be a bad idea. Most people use this site to vent frustrations and if you have a job, you probably have some areas you think could be improved on. Going off about your employer, job or boss on Facebook when you have your boss as a friend can result in dire consequences. It may make you look like you’re ungrateful and can even result in you being terminated. This also goes for those in certain professions that might have pictures posted. There have been news stories of people being fired for the photos they have displayed on Facebook or other social networking sites.
  • Spouse or significant other – Accept: It is more than likely you and your spouse are going to have a lot of the same friends. Your spouse can tag you in family photos and comment on your statuses. It’s a great way to be linked to each other. For those with a girlfriend or boyfriend on Facebook, the same can be true about the photos and linking to each other. You may also be surprised to find how many of the same people you know.
  • Someone you don’t know – Pass: Facebook is a personal environment where you can express yourself. Inviting people you don’t know into that area can be unsafe. When you post things about being on your way somewhere, these people may be watching. There have been documented cases of people posting that they aren’t home and getting robbed by people on their friends list who were tracking their location.
  • Associates – Pass or Accept: You can accept associates if they are someone you want to get to know better. If you’re not sure, then you can pass. Some would argue that you would be better served to focus on true friends that you actually keep in touch with. Don’t get caught up in having large numbers of friends just to say that you have them. Try to keep it limited to people that you will actually communicate with is quite small, and you have a lot of other people that are just there. You should still use some discretion when selecting associates as friends.

Following these easy tips you can keep yourself safe in the world of technology, and avoid giving the wrong people access to your personal world.
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