PETA Pitches Anti-Dissection Ads in Schools

EDU in Review just recently brought you the article about the Centennial School District in Minneapolis, Minnesota and their plans to review and vote on a proposal to sell advertising space on school lockers to generate money for the school system.

The history making decision is scheduled to be decided on November 1, 2010 and political activist group PETA has sent a letter to the school board’s office to submit an anti-dissection advertisement, now that they have learned of the school’s potential plan.

According to PETA, the advertisement that would read “Stop School Violence: Do Your Homework—Choose Not to Dissect” would directly encourage students to protest their anatomy and physiology classes, as the Centennial School District does include dissection in its curriculum.

“The real lives of rats—caring for their young, keeping themselves clean, enjoying playtime with other rats and human companions—are hidden from students who are forced to dissect them and are taught to see them as disposable objects,” said PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman.

PETA also has reported that yearly about 10 million animals (both born in nature and in special biological breeding supply farms) are killed to be used as dissection materials.

Currently The National Science Teachers Association encourages schools to use innovative non-animal technological teaching practices, ie computer generated programs or videos, instead of hands on dissection labs.

“Our offer is a win-win: The schools would receive needed funding, and students would receive invaluable lessons in compassion, students’ rights, and good science,” added Reiman.