Poisonous Spiders Invade California Elementary School

Parents and students reported discovering an alarming number of black widow spiders inside classrooms at Ross Elementary School in Kearny Mesa, California. Students spot more spiders daily. One of the small yet poisonous arachnids was seen crawling across a wall, another was found in a recycling bin.
The school is attempting to find a solution to the problem amidst an outcry from parents. “If one gets in a desk at night and the kid doesn’t know, gets in there and reaches for something, you never know what’s going to happen,” one parent told 10News. One classroom was fumigated last friday, but more spiders have been seen since then. “I think the whole school needs to be fumigated,” said parent Samantha McMann.
Chris Conlan, a County Vector ecologist reports that black widow bites are rare in the area, although the spiders are very common in the San Diego area. “It would have to be grabbed and handled or otherwise felt like it was trapped so that it felt like it had no way out. And then it would bite out of panic,” he explained. Black widow bites can lead to respiratory problems and neurological complications.
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