Practical Gifts for College Students

If you’re in college, you’ve probably noticed that your gift-giving list has expanded. Not only are you probably going to give gifts to your friends and family back home, but you will likely give gifts to your roommates and new-found college friends. This year, consider giving practical items. Yes, personalized gift ornaments and unique picture frames hold a lot of sentimental value, but your money is tight in college. It makes no sense to waste money on gifts that your college friends can’t use everyday.
Here are five gifts for your college friends that can be used on a daily basis.

Clocky ($36): If you know someone who has trouble waking up every morning, give them a Clocky for Christmas. This super-cute alarm clock on wheels will only give your friend one time to hit the snooze button. If your friend doesn’t get up, Clocky will fall off the nightstand, roll around on the ground and find a place to hide, making it impossible to go back to sleep.
Flannel sheets/ heating blanket ($30-50): Depending on where you live, energy bills can almost double in the winter. If you know someone who is trying to cut down energy costs, consider getting that person flannel sheets or a heating blanket so they won’t have to crank up the heat at night. Have fun with the gift by finding unusual flannel sheet sets. I found a unique set with peace signs on it by Tommy Hilfiger.
Noise-canceling headphones ($30): If your roommate loves to listen to music for late-night studying, but his or her cheap headphones do little to muffle the music, consider giving noise-canceling headphones. It’s a win-win; you’ll get to sleep faster and your roommate can jam all night.
Notebook security lock ($13-20): Know someone who is in love with their notebook? Give them peace of mind with this 6-foot cable made of steel-composite. This anti-theft gadget is patented with a T-bar lock to totally secure a laptop.
Portable breathalyzer ($30): It seems like there’s no time like college to get a DUI. If one of your buds likes to party, but doesn’t seem to know his or her drinking limit, give him or her a portable breathalyzer. Not only will you help prevent your friend from spending a night in jail, you will help keep other late-night drivers safe.
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