President Obama and Mitt Romney to Speak at 2012 Education Nation Summit

Education is a hot topic in the 2012 presidential election. Debates between President Obama and Governor Romney are ongoing and quite heated as the two butt heads on the issue. But before the candidates can implement their respective strategies, they’ll be sharing their views on the U.S. education system at the Education Nation Summit next week.
With a growing number of students and families concerned about America’s future educational system, it’s an issue on high alert for most voters. The annual Education Nation Summit will be held September 23-25 at The New York Public Library.
As reported by MediaBistro, Condoleeza Rice and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush will take part in the event, during which a taped interview with President Obama will be presented. The president and his opponent Mitt Romney will also appear in person later in the summit to discuss their views on education and answer questions from summit attendees.
Both presidential candidates will cover such issues as unemployment, educational challenges, and ever-rising college tuition costs.
The opening early session of the Education Summit will begin with NBC News correspondent Tom Brokaw, and followed by an address from New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg.
After the opening session, an interview with Condoleezza Rice will be aired in which she’ll discuss how education impacts national security and what Americans and the government can do to improve that relationship.
After the early session an afternoon session will follow, featuring more discussion regarding case studies on such topics as technology in schools, early childhood education, and parent engagement. During the evening session, there will be a special program on the relationship between high school graduation, college and career preparedness, and college access and completion. President Obama and Governor Romney are slated to speak on the summit’s final day, September 25.
Throughout the 2012 presidential campaign, Obama and Romney have been very vocal about their stance on the nation’s education system. President Obama plans to increase education standards with his proposal for a master education plan, which would ensure “master” teachers be paid close to $20,000 more than they currently earn. Governor Romney openly touts his desire to increase overall standards for education if he becomes president. Both candidates agree that making college tuition more affordable is a key issue that needs to be addressed.
Tune in next week to view the Education Nation Summit. More information can be found on the event website,
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