President Obama's Commencement Speech Schedule for 2010

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The school year is finally winding down. For many seniors, commencement is at the front of their minds (after finals and job hunting, of course). Usually, the most memorable thing about a commencement ceremony is the speaker. Last year, President Obama gave several commencement speeches on college campuses. At the University of Notre Dame, the president was greeted with outrage due to his pro-choice stance on abortion.
This year, President Obama plans to give commencement speeches at colleges across the country.
Here’s his schedule for this year:
University of Michigan- May 1, 2010
Hampton University- May 9, 2010
United State Military Academy (West Point)- May 22, 2010
First Lady Michelle Obama will also be delivering commencement speeches this year at:
University of Arkansas- Pine Bluff- May 8, 2010
George Washington University- May 16, 2010
Anacostia Senior High School- June 11, 2010
This year, the President is also holding a contest between high schools. The winner will have President Obama as their commencement speaker. You can watch the five finalists videos and read their essays at the White House website.