Presidential Elections of '08

One of the perks that comes with turning 18 this October is that I will eligible to vote! Although this may sound extremely nerdy, this is actually something I am extremely excited for! I got my registration packet in the mail and I was ecstatic to complete it and mail it off the very same day.
I have always viewed the elections, especially of the President, to be something very important. Especially at this point in time, with where our country is at economically and internationally, getting someone who is qualified in the oval office should be a top priority of all US citizens who are eligible to vote in this next election.
I have noticed that a lot of the campaigns have been geared to getting the youth of our nation involved, which I think is a tremendous idea. It seems that many people I talk to my age or a few years older seem to have no idea what exactly is going on with the election right now; all they know is who the two candidates are and their parties. Those who are younger and are voting for their first or second time are in fact going to be the future of our country and I believe that the younger generations should be a major deciding factor in who will run our country next because they will be the ones who are most effected by the next president.
So for those you are eligible to vote, get involved and pay attention! I’m not saying you have to watch every news story or read every story in the papers and magazines, but be aware of what is going on with the election and candidates. Know what each candidate has to offer our country so that you will be able to vote for whoever you feel will do the best at running our country! Although it does seem overused and corny, your vote DOES count!
A good place to start is understanding the candidates’ positions on financial aid for college students.
Hope to see you on Election Day!