Price Comparison Reveals Cheapest and Most Expensive Textbooks Sources [INFOGRAPHIC]

After tuition, the heaviest financial burden facing college students is the textbook bill. With some titles costing a couple hundred dollars a piece, a semester’s worth of books can set back some students more than a thousand dollars.
With the campus bookstores being the most convenient locally, and dozens of textbook retailers available online, the choices can be overwhelming with the bill be underwhelming. So where should you look?
Click on this infographic to see the full-sized image and reveal the cheapest and most expensive places to buy books.

We examined 11 textbooks that can be found in any gen-ed coed’s backpack, like history, anthropology, calculus, marketing, English and biology. Then we priced them at some of the most popular places to buy textbooks: campus bookstore, Amazon,, Barnes and Noble online and
The results?
The campus bookstore proved to be the most expensive retailer, while renting from was significantly more affordable, making it the cheapest. There’s more than a $700 difference in cost between these two retailers – money saved that you could put toward rent, food, or maybe even laundry quarters or a new university T-shirt.
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