Prince William's St. Andrews a Known Matchmaking University

St. Andrews University
The place where Prince William and his bride-to-be Kate Middleton met is said to be one of the top matchmaking universities in Britain. They announced their engagement last week, and the University of St. Andrews proudly boasts its part in the young couple’s relationship.
A news release by the university, located in the county of Fife in Scotland, claims that 10 percent of its 5,000 graduates are currently married to each other, though Stephen Magee, vice principal of external relations for St. Andrews, said he wasn’t quite sure how ten percent matched up with other universities.

“I don’t know if we have strong comparative figures for that,” he said, “but there is a kind of – there’s a nice mythology that a lot of people who subsequently get married met each other when they were undergraduates and got married subsequently in their lives.”
Magee admits that the historic school could have something to do with more married couples.
“I suppose we’ve been around for almost 600 years, so a few of our graduates have married each other in that period,” Stephen Magee said.
Not only is St. Andrews an old school, but it is nestled in a quaint town where all of the students are familiar with each other.
“People get to know each other really quite well,” he said. “And they find a strong bond or friendship if nothing else, and some of that turns into romance and marriage.”
Prince William and Kate are set to tie the knot in the spring or summer of 2011. The couple is rumored to have chosen Westminster Abbey, the same place that housed Princess Diana’s funeral, for the wedding day. Though Magee would have liked it if they had chosen the church at St. Andrews, he knew that a quiet ceremony in the country wouldn’t quite cut it for the regal couple.
“We have a delightful church, by the way, in which graduates are licensed to get married” he said. “But I suspect there might be a small church in London that tries to claim that honor.”
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