Princess Beatrice Graduates from Goldsmiths College

Princess Beatrice, perhaps best known for the eccentric hat she wore to cousin Prince William’s wedding day, graduated from Goldsmiths College on Friday, Sept. 9. She left her unusual head wear at home, and graced her diploma day in traditional cap and gown.
The princess, who is fifth in line to the thrown, earned a two-for-one degree in history and history of ideas from the university, located in London. Her three years in college were spent studying the classic writings of Plato, Aristotle, Confucius and Freud.
“I have had the most amazing university experience. Goldsmiths College is a wonderful place to study,” Beatrice said. “I am so lucky to have had the support of the incredible tutors and staff. I am so excited about my results. I wish everyone graduating today congratulations as well.”
Her parents, Prince Andrew and Sarah, Duchess of York, both attended the priceless event.
“Beatrice graduating today from Goldsmiths today.” Sarah said on her tweeted. “So proud of her achievement. As all mothers/parents are, well done…All graduates.”
Princess Beatrice’s diploma marks a huge triumph for the her. The royal was diagnosed with dyslexia at the age of seven and since has needed extra tutoring for reading and writing.
So what’s next for this princess with the taste for unusual fashion?
“‘Princess Beatrice will over the coming months broaden her knowledge and experience to complement her position as a member of the Royal Family,” a Buckingham palace spokesman said. “This will involve undertaking a number of internships to develop her experience, particularly in business and philanthropy.”
Story via The Daily Mail. Image via IdbTimes.
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