Pros and Cons of College Honors Courses

As you might be learning, high school and college are not the same. The demands, class schedules, teacher relationships and self-discipline are all completely different, and really for the better.
The same can be said about honors courses in college, versus those you took in high school. Advanced placement, honors courses and even IB classes are all great ways to prepare yourself for college, add some impressive bullets to your college application and broaden your academic horizons as a teen. However, in college, they can sometimes be an unnecessary burden, or can make college an even richer experience – it simply depends on your goals, major and time availability.
A few things to consider before enrolling in college honors courses:
Class Size
Pro: Much more intimate than the gen-ed courses.
Con: Much more attention from the professor means no slacking.
Pro: Focus on niche topics of special interest.
Con: Course work will be far more challenging.
Pro: Classes will have richer discussion and be more interesting than standard lectures and labs.
Con: Shy or not, your grade will be based partially on participation.
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