Questions to Ask (and Not Ask) Your Job Interviewer

Employers will almost always welcome questions when the interview comes to a close, but when the time comes, a lot of us draw a blank. Remember that employers not only expect you to inquire more about the position, they judge your character on the basis of those questions.
You’ll want to ask in-depth questions to show that you’re truly interested in working for the company, and you will also want to know more about what the job will require. Whatever you ask, your questions should sound intelligent and cordial.
You may think that some questions may be to brash to ask, like questions regarding pay, but employers expect these kinds of questions. If you phrase cheeky questions in a polite manner, employers will think you handle yourself well.
Here’s some examples of questions you should and shouldn’t ask during the interviewing process.

Good questions:
What kind of management style does the company adhere to?
How much travel is involved in the position?
Could you tell me a little bit about the compensation?
What types of community service is your company involved in?
Is your company involved in any inter-mural sports?
Does this position require me to work weekends?
Is there any opportunity for advancement within the company?
Would you like to see my references?
How does your company show that it values its employees?
Could you describe my potential responsibilities for this position?
When can I expect to hear back from you?
Bad Questions:
Will I get my own parking spot?
How strict is your attendance policy?
Do I need a doctor’s note for sick days?
Will I get my own office?
Does your company care about its employees?
Did I get the job?
When will I know if I got the job?
How much does it pay?
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