RandomDorm Offers Video Chats for College Students
Video chatting just got a little bit easier for college students. RandomDorm, created by Web developer Josh Weinstein and maintained by GoodCrush, connects students through random video chats.
By limiting the pool of potential chat partners to college students, Weinstein hopes to provide students with a certain degree of security and promote a community spirit.
“If you’re in college, you probably want to talk to other people in college, all around the world,” Weinstein told the Huffington Post.“With RandomDorm, you can develop pen pals around the world or you can find out what the cool parties are on other campuses, talk to people from similar sororities and see what they’re doing, or bond with other nerds like myself.”
RandomDorm is similar to Chatroulette, a website that pairs random strangers for webcam conversations. But RandomDorm hopes to facilitate chat for students who will likely have similar demographics and psychographics so that they can share ideas from parties to politics, Weinstein said.
In addition to narrowing their market, RandomDorm also plans to set itself apart by offering a more squeaky-clean website. A recent study showed that Chatroulette tends to have graphic videos. On Chatroulette, one in eight “spins” produces something R-rated. RandomDorm will attempt to remove some of the more explicit content that keeps popping up on Chatroulette.
To participate, students need to use their college e-mail address to sign up. Otherwise, students can sign in using their Facebook account just as long as the e-mail address is linked to an account that ends with an “.edu.”
If you’re interested in RandomDorm, check out the website for additional information.
Via The Huffington Post
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