Realizations While Turning 18

Today, October 12th, I officially became an “adult”.
I woke myself up to a song I love by The Maine and grooved around while it began to really hit me that I was an adult. As the years pile on, many begin to hate their birthdays, but turning 18 should be one of the most exciting and most memorable birthdays because of how significant the age really is.
Turning 18 signifies many changes in ones life. Once you are 18 you are labeled as an “adult”. This entails the ability to vote, to get into some clubs, and a number of other things that didn’t seem all that important until you realize once you turn a certain age all of these things are not at the tip of your fingers.
I spent my day spending time with family (had lunch) and my friends (dinner and a concert- Secondhand Serenade!) and couldn’t have asked for a better birthday. Although it wasn’t a huge ordeal, that’s the way I prefer it to be handled. I enjoyed myself and really loved being able to spend time with my family and friends on such an important day to me. Not only is this a big birthday for me, but the last birthday before I go off to college! And who knows how birthdays will be celebrated in the years to come since I’m looking at schools that are so far away.
After a busy, but fun-filled day, I can honestly say I look forward to being an adult and all the opportunities that come my way now!