RegaNumberPlay Offers a Lesson in Counting

The RegaNumberPlay game from Rega Interactive is an iPhone app that can be used to teach preschoolers and young children how to count, and can help non-native speakers to learn English numbers.
The app is extremely simple and easy to use. It has three features: “Learn,” “Play,” and “Quiz.” The “Learn” feature consists of numerical buttons. The user can press a button to hear that number said aloud. Users in the U.S. may find the non-American accent of the speaker jarring or funny, although there is nothing incorrect about the pronunciation.
The “Play” feature is a game that challenges users to identify the sequence of numbers as fast as possible. The “Quiz” feature asks users to identify the number of objects in an image. There are three levels of difficulty, the more difficult levels use bigger numbers.
Although this game would certainly be an effective learning tool, it really only has three activities for young children to play with, and they may tire of these quickly. Also, there is no way to navigate back to the menu page from the quiz questions, without quitting the app altogether or completing the 16-question quiz.
What to try for yourself? Get RegaNumberPlay here.
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