Resume Review Secrets from ERP Software Advice CEO Don Fornes

Don Fornes is the Founder and CEO of ERP Software Advice and has written an article where he shares 10 screening secrets that he utilizes while reviewing job applicants’ resumes:
1. Don’t name your resume, “resume”: “resume.doc” or “Resume” may make sense on your computer, where you know it’s your resume. However, on my computer, it’s one of many, many resumes with the same name. By using such a generic file name, the applicant misses a great opportunity to brand themselves (e.g. “John Doe – Quota Crusher”). If you’re qualified enough to sell or market for us, you won’t miss the opportunity to at least use your name in the file name.
2. don’t use all lowercase: this bad habit buys you next to nothing and is bound to offend countless detailed-oriented hiring managers.

3. Don’t write like a robot: Just use concise, well-written prose. Keep sentences short. Toss in a joke or two. Show us a little bit of your personality.
4. Don’t spam hiring managers: Take the time to understand the company and the open position. Write a cover letter or email that explains your interest in the role and your qualifications. Tweak your resume to match the hiring criteria.
5. Don’t expose your licentious personal life: We’ve all read about social media missteps, start managing your reputation online and off.
6. Don’t talk badly about your former employer: If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.
7. Proofread your resume: It’s unbelievable the number of spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes I see in resumes. Again, this is a blaring clue telling the hiring manager that you don’t check your work and you don’t pay attention to detail.
8. Format your resume nicely: It’s one of those small clues hiring managers look to for an indication of your attention to detail, organization and pride in your work. If you send me a sloppy resume, I’ll reject it knowing that you are likely to do sloppy work if I hire you. There are standard formats out there; use them. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Don’t get creative (unless you are applying for creative jobs in design, advertising, etc.).
9. PDF your resume: Not everyone uses the same operating system and word processor that you do.
10. When you get a job, don’t job hop: When you get a job, try your very best to stay at it for at least two years, preferably more.
Finally, ERP Software Advice is hiring, if you are interested in applying.