Salaries of University Presidents are Under Fire

Gordon Gee, the highest paid public university president in the U.S.
The average salary of a public university president is more than $425,000 — and many university presidents make quite a bit more. E. Gordon Gee of Ohio State University is the highest paid public university president — and earns more than $1.3 million a year. The top third of public university presidents make more than $500,000 a year. Overall, the salaries of college university presidents have gone up 7 percent in the past year.
Sound like a reasonable salary? Compared to life in the corporate world, yes, this doesn’t sound like outrageous compensation. But when you think about students struggling to finance their educations, and the growing reliance on adjunct faculty who teach courses for peanuts, and that professors’ salaries are increasingly below the rate of inflation, well, those numbers seem a bit out of whack, to say the least.