Sarah Palin's GPA and College Record

Was Sarah Palin a success or a failure in college? The Internet is positively abuzz with that question, but the answer is a mystery.
Sarah Palin attended six different colleges before she finally graduated with a degree in Communications/Journalism from the University of Idaho in 1987. Sources say that as a kid, she was kind of a bookworm, but that at college she didn’t distinguish herself. But really, that’s about all we know.
Palin really ought to just come out and tell us her GPA. Seriously, nobody seems to care that Joe Biden graduated 506 out of 688 from his class, or that McCain finished nearly dead last in his. I mean, how much worse could Palin’s record be? Americans seem to be more put off by evasiveness than they are by poor grades, so she may as well just release her transcripts.
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