Save Money for College During the Summer

Worried about how you’ll pay for next semester’s tuition bill? Summer may be the only free time you have to make the big bucks, but you’ll also want to spend your time off from school relaxing. This may sound like a major dilemma, but if you look at the following suggestions, you’ll be able to have a blast while bringing home some cold, hard cash.
Here are four jobs that will pay the bills and give you time for summer fun:
Bartender: Talk about making the big bucks; they can bring home $250 a night. Though you won’t have your nights free, you’ll have plenty of time to lounge at the pool during the day.
Movie theaters: I worked at a movie theater for three years and loved every minute of it. I got to see free movies on my day off and eat free popcorn on my break. Friday and Saturday evenings were always hectic, but the rest of the week was stress-free. Though you’ll likely have to work a lot of weekends, you may be able work less than 15 hours per week. That will give you plenty of time to hang out with your buds.

Tutoring: Parents will often find summer tutors so their children will stay sharp throughout their vacation. This is the perfect college job, not only because it will prevent you from experiencing brain drain, but these gigs often pay more than $20 an hour. Even better, a lot of parents will let you set the schedule, so you don’t have to miss out on your summer plans.
Dog walking: Stay in shape and make money- what more could you ask for? Though you won’t make bank with this job, walking dogs is still easy money, and it will leave you lots of time to chill. Charge $10 a walk, and offer discounts to customers who want their dogs walked every day. Be sure to leave flyers on door steps to generate more business.
Have a goal in mind when it comes time to set money aside for tuition. If you get a summer job that pays only cash, head straight to the bank so you’re not tempted to spend. Remember, summer is the time for you to relax, so if you’re getting burnt out from a job, don’t hesitate to work less hours or quit. It’s important to save money, but you’ll regret your lost time when fall semester comes around.
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