Save Money in College by Buying Used Products

With the economy in the current state, and tuition on the rise, many students are finding that they need to cut back on their spending. Here is a list of items available in most cities. With a little research, you can purchase these secondhand and save a lot of money!

  • Used DVDs and CDs, if well cared for, work just as well as the new ones and if the disc is scratched there are effective methods to remove them and make the DVD or CD perfectly playable again.
  • Books and textbooks bought from online sellers like and are significantly discounted. While the condition of the books may vary, they normally are still readable. And obviously, your local library always has free reading material available.
  • Students get bored of or “beat” video games rather quickly, so many video game stores will feature a used game section, or you can always rent or borrow the game from a friend.
  • Thrift stores, garage sales, online selling auctions and many dress shops offer used formal wear. Since these items are typically worn for special occasions, previous owners tend to take great care of the garments.
  • Most people lose money by selling used jewelry, but buyers will find that jewelry, especially diamonds, have a very low resale rate. Estate sales and reputable pawn shops are the best places to find deals on great, unique pieces.
  • IKEA is so reasonably priced already that most students do not realize that many people just choose to give away their old furniture, especially from IKEA. So check Craigslist and Freecycle for some options, especially during the summer season because college students are moving out of their old apartments.
  • Purchasing a new musical instrument for a beginning musician is hardly ever a good idea. Rented or used instruments are a smarted investment until you have fully committed to the practice.
  • Home, apartment or dorm décor and artwork are not handled on a day-to-day basis, so they generally maintain their “like new” condition even after being resold.
  • Basic tools with minimal moving parts, like hammers and wrenches, if made well, will last for years; yet, people tend to acquire numerous quantities of the same tool. Ask to borrow from a friend or check out local garage or estatesales, chances are you’ll end up with a set of good quality hand-me-downs.

Hope that helps you save some cash this summer! Do you have any suggestions I should add to the list?