Save on Textbooks with a Chegg Coupon for Book Rental

Paying forcollege tuition alone is enough to break the bank. Add the cost of textbooks on top of room and board and tuition and it’s enough to make anyone scrape for pennies hiding between the couch cushions. When it comes to saving money on college necessities, like books, students can’t afford to pass up those opportunities.
College campuses advise students to buy or rent books from the campus bookstore. However, there are plenty of other places to buy or rent textbooks from. I used to rent my textbooks from the campus bookstore, because I was lazy and did not feel like looking for books online. When the price of books started climbing at a rapid rate I had to find new places to purchase books.
The first time I started looking for low prices on books I didn’t know where to shop. Many websites offer textbook purchases that are cheaper than campus bookstores. Most college students do not like to buy books, because there is no use for them after classes are over at the end of the semester.
The word around my college campus was that had the best savings deals for textbooks. offered students the option of purchasing or renting books at the lowest price possible. I started to compare the price of textbook rentals of Chegg to my college bookstore to see if the website was worth a try. The low prices reeled me in. I save $100 to $200 when I rent my books from Chegg. I’ve been renting my books from Chegg for two years and pleased with my purchases and savings.
Not only am I satisfied with the money I save from buying books from Chegg, but the wait time for books to be delivered is about a week or less. Customer service at Chegg is another plus. There is an instant messaging system on the website where you can talk live with a customer service representatives about issues that occur with your order.
Another perk with Chegg is the length of rental time during the school year. Most campus bookstore textbook rentals must be returned by the end of finals weeks. Chegg’s rental books are due a couple of weeks after finals. Books are returned to Chegg with free shipping through UPS.
The best thing about Chegg is the monitoring of their social networking sites. I sent a Tweet to Chegg about how I was waiting for my book. Within minutes of sending out my tweet, Chegg’s customer service tweeted back to me and offered to track my order.
EDUinReview has a special coupon for 5% off textbook rental with Use Chegg’s coupon to save 5% off now! Offer expires August 31st, 2012.
Amazon recently announced they will be offering textbook rentals for 130 days for college students. Chegg should be expecting some fierce competition very soon!
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