Scholarships for Dads offers $10,000 Toward College

It’s not often that you come across scholarships that one would consider easy to get. There are usually endless applications to fill out, test scores to submit and transcripts to send when trying to be considered for a scholarship. Then there are essays to write and mail in and many times in-person interviews to be conducted. All of this for a chance at free money to get an education. With many of the scholarships available there are also strict rules on what the money must be used for and guidelines for keeping the scholarship with a certain GPA or performance level. All that red tape can make scholarship hunting seem to be more trouble than it’s worth. Throw in the everyday responsibilities that come along with being a dad, and you’ve got quite the task on your hands.
There are some simpler scholarships available out there. Scholarships4Dads offers a $10,000 scholarship drawing several times per year. You can use the money for any school-related expense that you choose. Being eligible for the scholarship is also much simpler than many other scholarships. You must simply be a US citizen and 18 years of age or older.
You fill out a registration form, hit submit and you’re entered into the drawing for a $10,000 scholarship. That can be a very welcome process compared to applying for other scholarships. The simplicity doesn’t end there though. You can use this money in so many ways. There are no restrictions on what school you attend, whether you get an online degree or traditional and you’re not even required to use the money on tuition. You can use this scholarship to cover living expenses while in school, textbooks, GED coursework, to repay student loans you already have or share it with a friend or family member. If you have a relative or friend that is interested in the scholarship who isn’t 18 yet, you can enter for them and give them the money if you win.
There are some other sites, like Free College Scholarship and Scholarships4Moms, that register people for the same scholarship, but with multiple drawings each year, you can continue to register for each drawing.
While you’re seeking a higher education and looking for every scholarship imaginable, it’s not likely that there are many available as easy to apply for as this one. So if you’re a dad looking for some extra cash for school expenses, you really have nothing to lose. There are some sponsored links that you have to click through in order to be eligible for the scholarship, but you’re not required to accept any of the information. The entire process takes less than five minutes to complete.
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