Sebastian Vettel's Educational Background: Are His Grades as Stunning as His Speed?

Currently driving for Ferrari, Sebastian Vettel is a Formula One (F1) driver and winner of four world championships. It’s no wonder he’s considered one of the best racers in history; his paycheck shows it. In 2015, Forbes estimated that Sebastian and his driving ability netted him about 33 million dollars per year. Vettel doesn’t spend all his time, or money, zipping around the track at death-defying speeds. He also enjoys watching old British comedies, listening to the Beatles, and spending time with his young family. In addition, Vettel’s dabbled briefly in voice acting by providing the voice of Sebastian Schnell in the localized German version of Cars 2. This famous F1 racer was not born with a steering wheel, or voice actor’s microphone, clutched in his hands; he was just darn close. Long before he learned to drive, he was just a boy growing up in West Germany. We’ll take a brief look at his life before exploring just how far this racing Rockstar made it down the educational track.
Sebastian Vettel was born to Heike and Norbert Vettel on July 3rd of 1987. He has one younger brother, Fabian, and two older sisters, Stefanie and Melanie. He has a fondness for high-performance shoes about which you can find more information on the shoe hero website here. Before he wanted to race, a young Sebastian professed to wanting to follow in the moonwalking shoes of Michael Jackson. However, at the age of three-and-a-half, his first experience with amateur carting displaced his dreams of singing stardom. He quickly made a name for himself on the track. By the age of eight, Sebastian was accepted into the Red Bull Junior Team. By age 19, he became the youngest F1 driver in history to participate in the Grand Prix. His record in school was never quite as astounding. In the classroom, per a 2014 German-language interview, Sebastian claims he never performed all that well. While he did earn respectable grades, book-learning does not seem to have been his passion.
What education he did receive, took place at Heppenheim’s Starkenburg Gymnasium High School. Home to roughly 1200 students, this educational institution is a testing ground for a variety of technology-based initiatives. It maintains exchange partnerships with West Bend (USA), St. Petersburg (Russia) and Le Chesnay (France). As earning his abitur at Starkenburg marked the end of his educational career, Sebastian Vettel has no other alma maters or degrees to speak of. You can learn more about Starkenburg by visiting their website (if you read German).