Senioritis in the Classroom

Teachers at my school, and more specifically my individual teachers, have really begun to notice senioritis and the effects it is having on their students. Of course, these teachers begin to worry about their students and want to keep them engaged in their classes. But can teachers really help to cure senioritis before it takes ahold of the student completely?
In my psychology class, my teacher has decided to have us teach the class. Right now we are going over the Biological perspective of Psychology and since we have gone over it before (last year in my SL class), this particular teacher decided we will each get a certain part to teach and we will be required to teach the information to our students. This teacher believes that this will help with our senioritis and lack of motivation. When really, many of the students I have talked to actually feel even more overwhelmed by this sudden addition to our workload so it seems the original intentions of the project are no longer evident. It seems these presentations are only pushing senioritis on us more.
So is there some sort of “cure” for senioritis? Or is it something that is left to the student to overcome? While teachers may try to help their students be more motivated, they may in fact do the opposite and add to their workload, increasing stress which may lead to lack of motivation even more.