Seniors Should Stay Focused on Studies Pre-Graduation

I was looking at my calendar today, trying to figure out a study schedule for my IB tests and realized, for the Senior class of 2009, there is exactly one month of school left until our last day. I cannot believe that my high school career will be over in only a month. During freshman year, it seemed like four years was such a long time, but looking back I realize those four years flew by in one big blur and have seemed to slow down in the last couple of weeks.
Realizing that there is only a month left, also makes me realize how much more there is to finish not only in the month, but within the next couple of weeks because of IB testing. In two weeks, I will be sitting down to take IB HL World Literature Exam, which will kick start the long month ahead for all IB kids.
All of this shows that the last month of school is not a time where most students can slack. The last month can be the hardest month of the entire high school career simply because you will need to find a way to keep yourself motivated to stay strong throughout. This past Friday was Senior Skip Day and my friends and myself took advantage of it. Having the day off gave us time to just relax, but also time to revitalize ourselves.
While we may only have a month left, this final month may prove to be the most difficult simply because the end is so close in sight. But the seniors need to remember to keep motivated and work hard until the very last day.