Shannen Doherty Partners with to Further Her Education

What do Shannen Doherty and many other average Americans have in common? They have not earned as high of an education as they would like. However, going back to college can be difficult for working adults because of all of the other commitments they already have in their lives, such as friends, family, and their job. Luckily, Shannen has found a way to make her dream of getting a higher education a reality, and with, you can too. is part of Education Connection, a website that makes it easier to find an educational path that is right for you. Like it’s parent-company, allows users to find a college and major that will work with their schedule and meet their interests. Currently, helps people find educational programs in career fields like information technology, criminal justice, business, culinary arts, and health sciences.
“I’m actually getting my degree in liberal arts,” said Shannen.
Shannen has partnered with the website in order to realize her life-long dream of earning a college degree. On a commercial for the website, Shannen says it’s easy to learn through this program because she can study whenever and wherever she is. Shannen is obviously doing an online program, but also offers information about in-class programs.
The website works by having you fill out a short questionnaire about yourself, your interests, your education background, and what you would like to study. It then shows you different programs that should meet your needs. This takes a lot of the guesswork out of deciding where you should study and even what you should study, making it easier for many adults to take the next step towards forwarding their educations.