Shmoop Makes Learning More Fun

Have you ever wanted to learn about an academic subject – such as literature, economics, Shakespeare, or biology – but did not want to be bored to death as some old professor droned on and on about it? Well have no fear. There’s a new website that will teach you these things while also making you “a better love (of literature, history, life).” It’s called Shmoop.
Shmoop is a website that makes learning and writing more fun and also more relevant for everyone. They do this by reviewing topics that you really care about in a voice that is simple to read and actually pretty funny. They also teach you how to write papers, speak more intelligently in classes, and “make studying less of a snooze-fest.” Sounds like a good thing to me!
Shmoop is also good if you are not really needing academic assistance. My favorite part of the website is the Bestsellers Section, which provides reviews of currently popular books. After giving you a synopsis of the book, Shmoop also provides a section that details why you should care about it. I really like this because I often wonder if a book is really worth the money needed to buy it and then the time needed to read it. Now, with Shmoop, I’ll know that answer before I make any type of investment in the book.
Shmoop also has online courses dedicated to test preparation for the SAT, ACT, PSAT, and AP exams. These test preparation courses vary in cost, but the cheapest was $17 for a six-month program. When you compare this to other forms of test preparations, it is ridiculously cheap.
Shmoop seems to have something for anyone who wants to learn. Plus, it’s completely free, so what do you have to lose? Check it out today!
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