Silly Bandz Banned From Schools But Endorsed By Justin Bieber

In the past it has been baseball cards, pogs, U.S. state coins, Ty Beanie Babies, and now the latest trend to consume children’s allowance is the Silly Bandz, also known as Zany Bandz.
Similar to prior phenomenon, these rubberband-type bracelets are bought, traded, given away and collected and kids are stacking them from the wrists to their elbows.
They resemble ordinary brightly colored rubber bracelets when they’re on children’s wrists, although even adults and teenagers are rockin’ the craze, but when you take them off, the bracelets pop back into their original shapes.
Forms of the bracelets range from fun shapes to animals to flowers to toys. Even professional sports teams like the New York Yankees have a line of the bands that they sell at their stadium of their logos and baseball-related shapes.
Retailing for around $4 a bag, Silly Bandz have enlisted teenage pop sensation, Justin Bieber to promote the bracelets through a text message contest: To win four free tickets to see Bieber live in concert, text ‘Justin’ to 99158. Not that Silly Bandz need any more promotion or publicity.
They’re actually, in fact, too popular. Many schools across America have banned Silly Bandz citing that they are distractions within the classrooms. Teachers are also complaining that children are slinging the rubber bracelets at each other from across their desks.
However, many retailers are not worried about the recent school bans because most schools are about to go on summer vacation and fad-trading toy trends like this one are popular at the summer camps, so they’ll look forward to the summer season spike in sales.
Do you think this trend will last for years like the Beanie Babies? Or do you think we will have long-forgotten about Silly Bandz by the time fall classes resume?