Six Fun Things to Do as a College Senior

As a college senior, graduation is quickly approaching. It is so strange to think that I have been attending the University of Oklahoma for four years now, and that my days of calling myself a “Sooner” are coming to an end. Last night, my friends and I vowed to make this year our best yet. We decided to make sure we have done everything college-y that we could think of. Here are some of our ideas for things to make sure we do before graduation – and it’s a pretty good list for all college seniors, if I do say so myself.
1. Buy a school jersey/shirt. Okay, so I already have about 200 school shirts. However, most of my shirts are stained or torn from years of love and football tailgate parties. I plan on buying a football jersey to wear on future game days. Also, it’ll be nice to have a shirt to wear after graduation that supports my alma matter and doesn’t have holes in it.
2. Go back to the dorms. My freshman year in the dorms was a blast! It would be so much fun to revisit the dorms and see your old dorm room. See how the new freshmen have decorated your old room, visit with your RA, and eat some cafeteria food. It’ll bring back some fun memories, especially if you go with an old dorm-mate.

3. Chat with a professor, and not because you want something. Sure, I’ve talked to many of my professors outside of the classroom, but it was usually about my grades. Pick a professor who you really admire, and ask to speak with him or her during office hours. You could ask how he/she became a professor, what his/her first job was, or a multitude of other questions. This is a great way to really get to know someone you’ve admired and to possibly form networking connections you will need in the future.

4. Take a class just for the fun of it. This semester, I am taking a Greek history class. Already, I have watched “Troy” and “300” as a means of studying. I do not need this class to graduate, but it is really fun and I’m learning a lot of interesting information. If your schedule allows for it, take a class that is not required, but interests you. A college education is supposed to make you a more well-rounded individual, not just teach you a trade or profession. So, get rounded.
5. Pull a (fun) all-nighter. Remember when you were younger and staying up for 24 hours seemed like a cool thing to do? Go back to that mindset for this experiment. Grab a few friends and make an all-nighter fun again. You could watch movies all night, explore the student union, or anything else that pops to mind. However, if you are doing it on campus, make sure you mind all the school rules. You don’t want to end up with disciplinary consequences as a senior, do you?

6. Skip a class. Okay, do this tip sparingly. Obviously you should not skip a class that is important or that would prevent you from passing the course. However, if there will not be any negative consequences for skipping, spend that time sitting underneath a shade tree on campus, reading a book in the library, or doing anything else on campus that is relaxing and brings you joy. The real world doesn’t allow you to “skip,” so take advantage of it while you can.
So there ya go: the top six things I think all college seniors should do before graduation. Do you have any other fun/unique tasks all college seniors should accomplish? Share them below!