Sonic's Limeades for Learning Supports Public School Teachers

Sonic, America’s Favorite Drive-In, has launched a new campaign aimed at benefiting public school teachers and their students around the country. The “Limeades for Learning” program allows any customer the opportunity to vote for their favorite teacher’s project and secure a chance to win $200 to $400 towards a grant to complete the proposed idea.
In partnership with, Sonic is donating more than half a million dollars towards projects that receive the most votes. All you have to do is head over to your nearest Sonic restaurant, order a beverage (Sonic premium roast coffee-based drinks and Whacky Pack meal drinks are excluded) and vote on your favorite teacher’s project.
When the fast-food chain first developed the idea, they had hoped that Limeades for Learning would produce 2,000 grant proposals; but to date, the program’s website has received 3,700 teacher grant proposals.
From requesting funds to purchase sensory learning devices to assist students with social development challenges to needing money to acquire GPS devices to complete a school tree-mapping project, the projects developed by teachers run the spectrum from Einstein-esque creativity to inspiring and heartwarming.
Sonic has been offering the Limades for Learning program during September. Voting officially ends on October 1, so it’s important to cast your vote now if you haven’t already done so to do your part in helping Sonic support innovative and important educational projects all across the country.