Sorority and Fraternity Spring Recruitment Guide

In many schools across America, Greek systems will host formal fraternity and sorority recruitment rounds and parties in the spring time for Freshmen and upperclassmen who, for whatever reason, were not ready to embark on the Greek recruitment process in the previous fall semester beginnings. These invitations may also be extended to students who began the sorority and fraternity recruitment process but dropped out before accepting a bid from an organization. Often times, students will wait until spring recruitment to also check around campus for sorority and fraternity reputations to ensure they are a good fit for the potential new member.

Once you officially submit a Greek application, it will be distributed to each organization for review. Standard judgment is typically based on your philanthropic participation, scholastic records, athletic involvement, and campus leadership throughout your college career thus far. Freshmen may often site their high school references since they have only been actively engaged on campus for a couple months.
Students should also submit letters of recommendation from established alumni that they know and if you are a legacy you should notify the office of fraternity and sorority life so they may note that on your application. In most organizations a legacy is defined as a parent, sibling or grandparent being a current alumni of the national chapter in good standing (good standing means a member left having paid their dues in full and without being on any form of academic or social probation).
In preparation of spring recruitment you should also manage your online social media image and perception by confirming that there aren’t any inappropriate photos or stories posted on Facebook or a blog that Greek organization members might find during a Google search of your name.
The recruitment parties consist of casual interviews that are masked as peer conversations to evaluate whether you will be a good match socially within the organization. Greek life is based on a mutual selection process so if you are fond of one chapter, actively engage in the conversations so the members will know you are interested in their organization.
Spring recruitment often has a significantly smaller bid list, so competition for getting your first choice chapter may be steep.
Good luck and be sure to check out our guides What To Expect at Fraternity and Sorority Recruitment and How To Stand Out at Rush for more tips!