Southwestern College Upset over 'The Roommate'

Officials at Southwestern College are upset over the unauthorized use of one of the college’s buildings in promotional posters for The Roommate, a slasher movie starring Leighton Meester. So far, the movie has earned an estimated $16 million in box office returns since it debuted this past weekend.
The posters in question feature the college’s Christy Administration Building and the 77 steps that lead up to it. “Our concern is the association—the unauthorized association—of what we think is an iconic image of the college with a ‘slasher’ movie,” said President Dick Merriman. No doubt the college does not want to be associated with a movie depicting the murder of students.
The image was used without the college’s knowledge or permission. KWCH reports that Southwestern discussed its legal options but has not sued Sony Pictures Entertainment, the film’s producer. The Arkansas City Traveler reports that the image has been removed from film’s official website and later promotional materials.

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