Sporks Handed Out at University of Vermont

“Washable, reusable always trumps a single-use product,” said Erica Spiegel, the recycling manager at the University of Vermont. That’s why the college is handing out sporks, in a effort to encourage students to stop using disposable utensils. The sporks feature a spoon on one end and a fork on the other end (not the pronged-spoon version), and are intended to be used in the college’s to-go dining facilities. Standard flatware and plates are used at the UVM’s residential dining halls, where they can be washed.
“I use it almost everyday. This is the second time I used it today,” said Junior Hayley Williams said of the spork. “I try to avoid the plastic ones anyway.” WCAX News reports that UMV has distributed 2500 reusable sporks to students. Students are further incentivized to use their sporks with a five cent discount from their meal every time they use one.
The school hopes to be able to find funding to provide more of the student body with reusable utensils. “We’ve been in conversations with student life on who might help subsidize the cost of the sporks and how we can get them distributed in a more systematic way,” said Spiegel.
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