Spring Break Skin Care Tips for Students

Skin disorders and diseases are a very real threat, exacerbated by prolonged periods of time in the sun. And as you all know that visiting a dermatologist can be quite expensive, hence knowing tips for removing a blackhead and other at-home regimes is a must for everyone. Skin care is often far from the minds of spring breakers but let’s face it, melanoma is not a souvenir that you want to bring back from Cancun. Save yourself the grief (AKA wrinkles, age spots and cancer!) and take a few of my favorite sunny-time skin care tips:

  • The sun’s rays are at their peak between the hours of 10:00 and 4:00. There’s no need to become a self-proclaimed vampire, but try to avoid direct exposure to the sun during this time.
  • If you must be outside during peak hours then be sure to protect your skin. Wear a high quality sunblock, daub your face generously with some natural aloe vera gel. reapply it as needed and don’t neglect any part of your body that’s exposed. I often use a lower SPF on my face to avoid that greasy feeling but it means I must remind myself to reapply it more often. I like to use tinted moisturizer with SPF. It eliminates the need for foundation which gets messed up every time you reapply your sunblock anyways. Hats, loose clothing, and sitting in the shade can help but they don’t completely block the sun rays from your skin.

  • The water is most tempting during those afternoon hours, but it acts as a reflector so be wary of quicker-than-usual burning.
  • I’m sure it’s difficult to imagine that you’ll be the only one on the beach without a golden “base-tan” but I urge you to opt for sunless spray-tanning.
  • Sometimes I find the sun too heavenly to resist. If you experience the same longing, I encourage you to wake up in the morning and take a short walk outside. Give yourself the unchecked pleasure of enjoying the sun but keep it to about five minutes. Then promptly go inside and don’t emerge again with sunscreen!
  • Skincare is not limited to facial skin. All parts of the body need care, including genitals, use the right products for that part, and you will see the before and after is truly magnificent, making you feel younger. Cleanse and moisturize your skin properly. Use mild cleansers that are suitable to your skin type and moisturize liberally. To exfoliate, gently wash your face with a baby washcloth. The small amount of friction will help remove dead skin cells without irritating your sun kissed face. Avoid acne care products, most will cause sensitivity to the sun.
  • If you find yourself at a spa, resist all waxing services especially if your skin is already dry or sunburned.
  • Create an emergency skin kit and be sure to include aloe vera, sunblock and chapstick.
  • Don’t forget that your skin is only one part of your entire body. Take care of yourself as a whole and your skin will reap the rewards. Drink plenty of water, get enough sleep and have lots of fun!

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