Stafon Johnson Files Lawsuit Against USC Over Weightlifting Accident

Former USC running back Stafon Johnson has filed a lawsuit against USC surrounding the weightlifting accident that almost took his life. Johnson stated that his weightlifting coach struck the bench press bar that crushed his neck.
In September of 2009, Johnson was bench pressing 275 pounds in the USC weight room as part of the required football regimen. Jamie Yanchar, an assistant strength and conditioning coach, was spotting Johnson during the workout. Johnson claims that while he was trying to grasp the bar on his own, Yanchar struck the bar knocking it off balance and causing it to slip from Johnson’s hands. The bar fell on his neck causing a severe injury and ending his college football career.

The lawsuit states that that Yanchar’s “negligent, careless and reckless” action by striking the bar increased the risk inherent in Johnson’s bench pressing. Johnson eventually signed with an NFL team, but he is suing for damages including loss of future earnings. Representatives from USC don’t believe they are at fault for Johnson’s weightlifting accident and are sorry that he was injured. USC and the entire Trojan family have offered endless support since the occurrence of the accident and are disappointed to find out that the lawsuit has been filed.
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