Steve Bannon's Educational Background: Where Did Trump's Controversial Adviser Earn His Degrees?

Why He Deserves Our Notice:
In a series of executive appointments fraught with controversy, Steve Bannon’s took the cake. On January 20th of 2017, this longtime friend of Trump, and former executive of Breitbart News assumed his new position on the National Security Council. This, along with his open door privileges with President Trump, causes some to characterize Bannon as the “second most powerful man in the world”. Those believing Bannon to hold extremely xenophobic views find his newfound connections particularly worrying. When not making inflammatory remarks, or advising President Trump, Bannon can be found interacting closely with both Hollywood and Wall Street.
While it’s up for debate if he deserves his seat on the security council, one thing’s for certain: Bannon’s well-educated.
A Brief Look At Bannon’s Life:
Steven Bannon was born to Doris and Martin Bannon on November 27th of 1953. Contrary to what his extremely conservative views might indicate, Bannon’s family was pro-union, working class, and extremely pro-Democratic. While his childhood is not well-documented, spent most of it in Virginia. He didn’t leave his home state until he joined the navy in the late 1970s. For seven years, he worked aboard the USS Paul F. Foster in the capacity of Surface Warfare Officer and later on joined up as a special assistant to the Pentagon’s Chief of Naval Operations. With his call to serve sated, Bannon set his eyes towards making an impact in other ways.
Directly following his military service, Bannon joined Goldman Sachs as an investment banker. After getting his feet wet in finance, and coming to understand the world of mergers and acquisitions, he broke away from Goldman Sachs to start his own boutique investment. After eight years of running his new venture, he sold his company, Bannon & Co., to Societe Generale. All the while, he dabbled in the role of executive producer in the movie industry. To date, Bannon has produced 18 films of varying lengths and genres. While he helped start Breitbart News, Bannon only assumed a major role with the “alt-right” paper after its founder’s death in 2012.
While he achieved success in many professional endeavors, including Breitbart News, Bannon’s domestic life wasn’t quite so idyllic.
Bannon’s three marriages all ended in messy divorce. The last one concluded in 2009. These failed relationships resulted in three daughters. It’s currently unknown how they, or their mothers, feel about their father’s White House gig.

  • Virginia Tech: Bannon graduated from in 1976 with a Bachelor’s degree in urban planning. In doing so, he joined the ranks of alumni like Thomas Richards, Sharyn McCrumb, and Gerry Beckley. Virginia Tech is home to around 30,000 students and boasts an annual endowment of over 800 million dollars. The school offers roughly 300 different degrees across its nine different academic colleges. The school is particularly well-regarded for its rigorous engineering programs.
  • Georgetown University: Some time after graduating from Virginia Tech, Bannon completed a master’s degree in National Security Studies at Georgetown. This private research university, home to around 18,000 students, is best known for its ability to prepare students for fruitful careers in public service. As of 2015, Georgetown had produced more diplomats for the US Foreign Service than any other school in the nation. It’s also second only to Harvard in the number of alumni currently serving in US congress
  • Harvard University: After taking time off to pursue his interests in the military and investment banking, Bannon returned to Harvard to complete his Masters of Business Administration. In doing so, he joined a rather illustrious crowd that includes the likes of eight US presidents, 180 Nobel laureates, and 13 Turing award winners. Harvard University is an Ivy League institution situated in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It serves approximately 18,000 students a year across its 104-acre campus and highly-regarded for its programs in law and business.