Student Attempts Graduation Backflip, Flops

Stop whatever prep for finals you are doing and take a 1-minute laugh break. Trust me on this one, it’s worth your time.

A graduating senior from Davenport University decided to celebrate his achievement with a backflip. In full graduation regalia. It goes about as well as you’d expect. The poor guy faceplants in front of the entire crowd, much to amusement of his classmates. Happily, he got up, laughed about it himself, and walked off stage with no injuries (except maybe to his pride).

Watch and laugh as many times as you want, especially the slow motion take. When the stress of finals has you pulling out your hair, find this or any other short, funny video and laugh. Laughing is known to relieve stress, and can help you feel prepared to take on your finals.
And remember: Sometimes, it’s better to just celebrate on the inside.
Video from Todd Hower
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