Students Break the World Record for the Longest Kiss

You know the feeling: your heart beats faster, your knees get weak, and it is absolutely fantastic. I’m talking about one of those really long, passionate kisses. However, when I say “really long,” I’m talking about maybe a few minutes. I don’t mean a kiss that lasts for 32 hours, 30 minutes and 45 seconds. But that is exactly what Matty Daley and Bobby Canciello did.
Daley and Canciello are both students at the College of New Jersey. The two started their kissing fest at 11:32 a.m. and maintained their kiss for as long as they could stand. When they finally broke their kiss, they had destroyed the previous Guinness World Record for the longest kiss by 23 minutes. The two boys will also hold the record for the longest same-sex kiss. More than 330,000 people watched the kiss through a live web stream of the event.
Daley and Canciello are gay; however, they are not in a relationship. Their motivation for their kiss was to raise gay-awareness.
“I just hope we can encourage people not to be afraid,” said Canciello about his motivation to raise awareness by kissing. “Love is universal no matter who you are.”
By 8:00 p.m. on Sunday, the two were exhausted and ready to stop kissing. During this last hour, more than 300 people showed up to watch the kiss end. There was music playing and a large digital clock counted down the last few moments.
“During that last hour, there was such a nervous energy,” said Canciello. “It was just like an adrenaline rush. Then, more than ever, I had to calm myself down, focus on my breathing, and just think about getting this done.”
Their success will appear in the 2012 edition of the Guinness Book. However, the support the two men have received since the event is much more important than getting their names in the book.
“We had no idea the impact it would have,” Daley said.” It really became a special experience for me. As I was going through it, I realized that I want to keep fighting to one day be recognized as an equal citizen with a husband and a family. Everyone deserves that experience no matter what.”
I completely agree! Congratulations to Matty Daley and Bobby Canciello on their Guinness World Record breaking kiss!
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