Students' Faith Often Tested During College

Going off to college means a lot of changes. Entering adulthood and striking out on your own for the first time turns your world upside down. Many parents hope their new college students will remember to take their faith with them to college, but somewhere along the way, students end up forgetting about their faith.
One of the top reasons students give up their faith in college is temptation. In college, the rules you have to follow are your own, and that freedom can feel pretty sweet. You decide when you come and go, whether you attend class, who you date and interact with and where you spend your time. Having so much freedom all at one time with no fear of being reprimanded for things you otherwise weren’t allowed to do can be overwhelming. From alcohol to sex, there is an abundance of temptation, and many students that were brought up to follow a set of strict religious values find themselves suddenly able to do what they want. Some students are so enticed by they simply make the decision do what they want and abandon their faith.
Another reason that some students are giving up their faith in college is materialism. Students go to college to get an education and ultimately have a successful career, but getting caught up in the world’s definition of success can push religion out of the window. Students start to feel that they are in control of their circumstances and what happens in their life and don’t feel they need to rely on a higher power for their success. Gaining more things has become a sign of success in America and that school of thought is in direct contradiction with most religious principles.
One remaining reason that students give up their faith in college is that they start to think for somethemselves, and many find the religion they were brought up with, might not fit the type of adult they have become. Many people are looking for honesty rather than lip service when it comes to living a faithful life, and it is easy to become jaded when you see people professing to be the perfect religious role model and then live a completely different lifestyle.
It’s important to remember that while you are away at school trying to find yourself, you don’t need to completely abandon the principles and things you’ve been taught. Many college campuses around the country offer faith based groups that you can get involved in with other students that share your beliefs. Joining these groups and getting involved can be a key to staying grounded and maintaining your faith while away at college.