Students Go on SCVNGR Hunts to Explore Their Universities

Being a new student at a large university can be intimidating. You don’t know which building your next class is in, much less where that building is located on campus. You could wander around for hours, trying to find your destination, and end up even more lost than when you started. You could ask another student and risk them laughing at you or just ignoring you- or you could use SCVNGR to get really familiar with your new campus.
SCVNGR is a location-based social gaming app. So far, SCVNGR has partnered with 360 universities around the country to create design scavenger hunts that will help students become more familiar with their campus.
The app is also aimed at prospective students who want to really explore a school’s campus before deciding to attend. If these prospective students can’t come to the campus, SCVNGR can take them on an interactive, visual, campus tour, using the pictures that other SCVNGR users have taken of the campus.
The founder and CEO of SCVNGR is Seth Priebatsch, a 21-year old who started creating SCVNGR when he was a freshman at Princeton. Priebatsch decided to focus on university outreach because he thought it would be a useful app for students.
“He saw that the college-age demographic were early adopters of mobile technology in the first place, and wanted to get them using their cellphones to explore their cities,” said Christina Dorobek, the SCVNGR University Specialist.
Priebatsch was correct in his assumptions. SCVNGR is very popular with 17-31 year-olds. Males are slightly more likely to use the app, but both genders really enjoy using it to compete in scavenger hunts, explore their campus and city, and to meet friends throughout the area.
SCVNGR is currently available in the App Store for free. Check it out today!