Students Kicking Off Spring Break Welcome R&R

And I thought Winter break took forever to get here! Spring Break is finally days away and I cannot wait for this break. Seniors especially, we have hit a point in the year where we are tired of school and just need a break. Or at least that’s how many of my friends and I feel.
Spring break will finally give me the time to catch up on some sleep, catch up on some school work, and let me have some time to be with friends and relax. So far, the only big assignment I have is in Psychology, and I really hope it stays this way!
One thing many seniors have to worry about when returning, is being careful not to get too lazy and letting senioritis get the best of you! For my friends and me, it will be hard to get too lazy because all through the month of May we have International Baccaulaureate testing. But for seniors, remember many schools require final grades and sometimes scholarships you receive can be taken away if you show through your grades that you just stopped caring. Sure your grades are fine now, but be sure to keep them up because you never know how bad grades can end up affecting you.
I hope everyone enjoys their spring break!